REDCap Help

This page is a resource for The University of Arizona REDCap users. This list of frequently asked questions and videos will expand over time.

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How do I add a user to my REDCap project?

Open the REDCap project to which you want to add a new user and select User Rights from the menu on the left of the page. This will open up the User Rights page.

User Rights Menu

If the person being added has a REDCap account, you can type their name or their REDCap username in the Add new users text box. It will auto-fill as you type, then you can select the user from the options provided. After selecting the user to add, click the Add with custom rights button.

If the person being added does NOT have a REDCap account, then they will need to request a REDCap account. This can be done by completing the REDCap Account Request Form. The link for the Request Form can also be found on the REDCap home page.

Add New User

This will open up the User Rights window. From here, you can select which user rights you want this person to have for this particular project. Once you are satisfied with the user rights that have been set, click the Add user button to complete the process and add the user to your project. Once the user has been added to the project, REDCap will email the user notifying them that they have been added (unless the "New User Notification" checkbox has been unchecked.

Setting User Rights

Here is a brief explanation of what the different user rights are and what they do:

Expiration Date - Automatically revokes project access for the user on the date entered.

Project Design and Setup - Grants user access to add, update, or delete any instruments within the project. Also allows user to enable/disable project features and modules.

User Rights - Grants user access to edit the rights and privileges of all users on this project, including themselves.  It is recommended that only the project manager and/or the principal investigator have permission to add/edit user rights

Data Access Groups - Grants user access to create data access groups and add users. Users should not assign themselves to a data access group or they will lose their access to update other users to data access groups. Therefore, users with this privilege should be able to see all project data regardless of group.

Data Exports - Sets data privileges to determine whether or not the user can export data from REDCap to one of the 5 default programs in REDCap (SAS, SPSS, R, Stata, Excel), and if they can export data, whether it is the full data set or a limited data set.

No-Access - Denies the user the ability to export any data
e-Identified - The user can export data, but all non-validated text fields, data fields, and identifier fields will be removed
Remove all tagged Identifier fields - The user can export data, but all field marked as "Identifier" will be removed
Full Data Set - The user can export all of the project data without any restrictions

Add/Edit Reports - Grants user access to build and edit simple queries within the project. If user does not have access to a data collection instrument that the report is pulling data from, access will be denied for that report.

Stats & Charts - Grants user access to view simple statistics on each field in the project in real time. If user does not have access to a data collection instrument, that instrument will not be listed on the page.

Manage Survey Participants - Grants user access to manage the public survey URLs, participant contact lists, and survey invitation log.

Calendar - Grants user access to track study progress and allows user to update calendar events, such as mark milestones, enter ad hoc meetings

Data Import Tool - Grants user access to download and modify import templates for uploading data directly into the project bypassing data entry forms.

Data Comparison Tool - Grants user access to see two selected records side by side for comparison.

Logging - Grants user access to view log of all occurrences of data exports, design changes, record creation, updating & deletion, user creation, record locking, and page views. This is the audit trail for the project. 

File Repository - Grants user access to upload, view, and retrieve project files and documents (e.g., protocols, instructions, announcements, etc.). In addition, it stores all data and syntax files when data is exported using the Data Export Tool. 

Data Quality - Grants user access to find data discrepancies or errors in project data by allowing user to create and edit data quality rules and execute them. If user does not have access to a data collection instrument that the query is referencing, access will be denied for query results.

API - The REDCap API (Application Programming Interface) allows external applications to connect to REDCap remotely, and is used for programmatically retrieving or modifying data or settings within REDCap, such as performing automated data imports/exports from a specified REDCap project. For details on the capabilities of the REDCap API and how to use it, please see the REDCap API documentation.

REDCap Mobile App - Allows the user to collect data offline using the REDCap Mobile App and/or allows the user to download project data to the app.

Create Records - Grants user access to add record and data to database.

Rename Records - Grants user access to change key id of record.

Delete Records - Grants user access to remove an entire record.    We suggest that only the P.I. and the Manager have rights to delete records

Record Locking customization - Grants user access to customize record locking text.

Lock/Unlock Records - Grants user access to lock/unlock a record from editing. Users without this right will not be able to edit a locked record. User will need "Read only" or "View&edit" to lock/unlock a data collection instrument

Data Entry Rights (Located on right side of box) - Grants user rights to the project’s data collection instruments. 

I have never used REDCap before. How can I find out about the REDCap data capture system?

If you have never used REDCap before, we recommend you watch one or both of the following two short videos for an introduction.
     Brief Overview of REDCap (5 min)
     Detailed Overview of REDCap (14 min)

What do I need to get a REDCap account at the University of Arizona?

All UA employees, faculty, staff and students as well as Banner Health employees are eligible for REDCap accounts at the University of Arizona. If you do not currently have an account, you may request one by selecting the button below:

  New Account Request  

If you are outside of University or Banner but are currently collaborating with a coordinator on a REDCap project that requires access a UA or Banner employee may sponsor your account. To apply please use the New Account Request button above to fill in the account request form and include the email address of your sponsor.

Are there any videos online that can help me learn more about REDCap?

We have provided an entire page dedicated to videos. You can find them here: REDCap Video Tutorial.

How do I register for a free REDCap Training class?

To register for one of the 3 levels of REDCap training please go to: REDCap Class Registration
For a list of topics covered in each class please go to: Class Topics

Where can I find out how to use the Online Designer?

You can find an introduction to the Online Designer at: The Online Designer (5 min)

Can I still maintain a paper trail for my study, even if I use REDCap surveys?

Yes, all survey forms can be downloaded as PDFs for printing and filing.

How much experience with programming, networking, and/or database construction is required to use REDCap?

No programming, networking, or database experience is needed to use REDCap. Simple design interfaces within REDCap handle these details automatically. 

How do I access data collected in a REDCap project for advanced analysis at various points during the study?

Data from your study can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel and analysis packages such as SPSS, SAS, R, and STATA using a data export module provided as part of REDCap.

If I already have data in a spreadsheet or database (ex: MS Access or Excel) can I import that data into a REDCap project?

Data from other applications may be imported into a REDCap project. There is a data import tool found in REDCap to help with the process. A discussion with a member of the REDCap administrative team is recommended before you begin the process. Please submit a request HERE.


Am I able to assign a unique identifier for each of my records in my REDCap project?

Yes. By default REDCap is set to auto-number your records beginning with the number 1. You may disable the default and use your own unique numbering system for your records.

What is a Project Status?

All projects when first created start in a status of Development. In Development, you can design, build, and test your REDCap projects. All design decisions can be made in real time and are implemented immediately to your project. All survey and data entry features/functions can and should be tested.

From Development, you will move your project to Production by clicking the button on the Project Setup page. All survey and data entry features/functions will be exactly the same as they are in development with the exception of certain Project Setup features. Changes to data collection instruments in Draft Mode are not made to your project in real time. After making updates, you must submit the changes for review. Depending on the changes that have been made, they may require review by a REDCap administrator. Reviews generally take place within 24 hours.

From Production, you can move the projects to the following statuses on the Project Setup > Other Functionality page:

Inactive: Move the project to inactive status if data collection is complete. This will disable most project functionality, but data will remain available for export. Once inactive, the project can be moved back to production status at any time.

Archive: Move the project to archive status if data collection is complete and/or you no longer wish to view on My Projects List. Similar to Inactive status, this will disable most project functionality. The project can only be accessed again by clicking the Show Archived Projects link at the bottom of the My Projects page. Once archived, the project can be moved back to production status at any time.