electronic data capture

REDCap | Electronic Data Capture

Collecting data?

Need to capture participant data for a project or study? Would you like to design and build your own custom surveys and data collection instruments?

Need to send surveys out to participants on a timed schedule? Want to track participants and their visits in a longitudinal study?


Biospecimen Management

OpenSpecimen | Biospecimen Management

Collecting biospecimens?

Need to capture biospecimen data for a project or study? Need to build a biobank that can be configured to your unique study variables and storage locations?

Our biospecimen management appplication allows you to customize your biobank and track participants and biospecimens through the complete chain of custody?


sensor analysis and smart health platforms

Sensor Analysis and Smart Health Platforms

Want to collection and analyze wearable or IoT data?

CB2 Sensor Analysis and Smart Platform division aims at providing health science researchers assistance with integrating wearable sensors and IoT (Internet of Things) devices into their projects and studies.

Our primary goal is to help health science researchers bridge the gap between sensor integration and making data available for analysis and research.


health informatics

Health Informatics

Need electronic health data?

Do you have an interested research question, but don't have any participant data? Would you like to have access to CB2's cohort discovery tool and clinical data warehouse?

Make a request for a variety of electronic health data (e.g., CB2's Clinical Data Warehouse, AHCCCS data, and ADHS data)


Statistical Consultation

Statistical Consultation

Need statistical expertise?

The University of Arizona Statistics Consulting Laboratory (StatLab) develops and adapts innovative methods to address emerging problems in science and medicine. The StatLab provides statistical expertise, personnel, and computing resources to facilitate study design and conduct, data acquisition protocols, data analysis, and the preparation of grants and manuscripts.


translational clinical bioinformatics

Translational Clinical Bioinformatics

Have genomic or biomedical data?

Translational bioinformatics involves collecting, storing, analyzing, and interpreting genomic and biomedical data for improvement of human health.

This multidisciplinary area of informatics focuses on the interface between bioinformatics and clinical research.