CB2 research at The University of Arizona hosts statisticians, clinical informaticians, and computational biologists that advance data science methods and tools to discover better treatments, predict response to therapy or disease progression, and intervene in clinical care. UAHS resources CB2 to promote research aligned with key developmental areas: precision medicine, cancer research, health equity and diversity, and population science.


  • Improving odds ratio estimates through high throughput statistical selection of cases and controls
  • N-of-1 metrics in the transcriptome to identify the effect size and statistical significance of dysregulated genes and pathways in individual subjects
  • Molecular mechanisms of intergenic plolymorphisms leading to diseases
  • Similarity metrics for comparable patients and therapies


  • Response/resistance to therapy
  • Drug repositioning
  • 30-day hospital readmission using network models of comorbidity and neural network machine learning
  • Disruption due to the transition of clinical billing to ICD-10-CM (e.g. patient safety indicators, staffing, inventory, cohort management, revenue)


  • Development of new statistical methods for generating clinical decision-making evidence on demand, using Big Data amassed from electronic health records