Translational Clinical Bioinformatics

Translational bioinformatics involves collecting, storing, analyzing, and interpreting genome and biomedical data for improvement of human health. This multidisciplinary area of informatics focuses on the interface between bioinformatics and clinical research.

Genome sequencing is one of the main areas of this research that is beneficial for clinical use and assists in the practice of precision medicine. We at CB2 are working on setting up an infrastructure for analysis of genome sequencing data from patients in association with the clinical data. Our goals are to improve the information flow between clinical and molecular data and develop methods that can utilize omics and clinical data for discovery.

There are many components of this research, scientific, administrative as well as regulatory. We are currently evaluating existing standards, identifying the gaps, and making changes that will be beneficial to the biomedical research at UAHS. Our beginning efforts are with the projects in the Oncology division.

As we develop the translational bioinformatics efforts, other areas of biomedical research will be included and we will update this page with more information as it becomes available.

For any queries, please reach out to:

Ritu Pandey, MSc, PhD
Associate Director, Translational Clinical Bioinformatics
Assistant Research Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

A translational bioinformatics symposium will be held in the Spring at UArizona. Details will be announced soon.