REDCap Contract Services

The University of Arizona offers its REDCap users free initial consultations and free technical support. There is no charge to a user or department for the use of REDCap for an unlimited number of projects. 

The rate for UArizona CB2 REDCap Contract Services is $78.00/hour (new rate effective 7/1/18).

Some examples of contract service work include:

  • New project development
  • Form/instrument creation/modification (including branching logic and calculated field development)
  • Custom scripting/programming
  • Notification/alert creation and modification
  • Data cleaning and import
  • Building events for longitudinal
  • And more...

An estimate for service work can be provided upon request. Ideally an estimate for project creation should be completed before the budget for the study is completed. University of Arizona clients are expected to pay fees via internal billing. UA clients who use Banner or other external parties as their source of payment will incur an additional administrative fee at a 13% rate of the billed services.

To request an estimate on contracting with our team to work on your REDCap project, please click on the link below and select "Request for Service" in the Type of Request field.