Precision Medicine and Healthcare Transformation: A Tale of Two Populations

Please join us for a lecture by Philip R.O. Payne, PhD, FACMI, an internationally recognized leader in the field of clinical research informatics (CRI) and translational bioinformatics (TBI).

He will be presenting "Precision Medicine and Healthcare Transformation: A Tale of Two Populations"

Wednesday, May 23rd | 12 - 1 pm | BIO5 Room 103

The healthcare and life science research, education, and practice domains are undergoing tremendous change, driven by a combination of economic, policy, and technology factors. At the core of these changes are: 1) an increased focus on the use of patient-derived data, contextualized by the best available scientific evidence, to deliver highly tailored and individualized wellness and clinical care interventions; and 2) a simultaneous demand to transform healthcare at a population-level through the pursuit of a triple aim concerned with increasing quality and safety while also decreasing costs.  While these two areas of endeavor are often approached as distinct from each other, they in fact share a common set of data, information, and knowledge based needs that can be satisfied using a systems-level approach to biomedical informatics and data science.  This presentation will explore these critical issues, focusing upon the changing landscape of healthcare and life science, the role of computation and data science in both driving and adapting to such change, illustrated by a number of active research and innovation projects currently underway within the Washington University Institute for Informatics (I2).

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Release Date: 
05/03/2018 - 4:00pm