Walter W. Piegorsch, PhD

Director, Statistical Research and Education

Walter W. Piegorsch, PhD, is the Director of Statistical Research & Education at the BIO5 Institute, a Professor of Mathematics, a Professor of Public Health, a Member and former Chair of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) in Statistics, and he holds accreditation as a Professional Statistician (PStat) from the American Statistical Association. His research focuses on data analytics for environmental problems, with emphasis on informatics for environmental hazards and risk assessment. His interests also include geo-spatially referenced disaster informatics, statistical developments for large-scale genomic data, multiple/simultaneous inferences for toxicological and genetic endpoints, and the historical development of statistical thought as prompted by problems in the biological and environmental sciences. He earned his PhD in Statistics at the Biometrics Unit of Cornell University, and is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and a Member (by Election) of the International Statistical Institute.