Orange - Machine Learning Training for Health Sciences

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What is Orange?

Orange is an open-source machine learning visualization software tool for both novices and experts. It is an interactive data analysis tool that enables workflows with a large toolbox and widgets.

With the use of widgets, this platform enables the end user to create workflows to:

  • Perform simple data analyses
  • Explore statistical distributions, box plots, scatter plots
  • Dive deep with decision trees, heirarchical clustering, heatmaps, MDS, linear projections
  • Learn algorithms and predictive modeling, and more

Orange Workshops

This 3-hour hands-on workshops covers:

  • Overview of Orange
  • How to create workflows
  • How to upload your own data
  • Basic data exploration
  • Classification (trees & accuracy)
  • Cross validation
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Cluster discovery

Orange Videos

Next Upcoming Workshops:

Wednesday, October 21st | 1 - 4 pm


Workshop is open to researchers & students of health & data sciences

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