ICD Coding Conversion Tools

We currently have three tools available for dealing with the conversion of ICD coding systems:

ICD-10-CM To ICD-9-CM Conversion Tool

ICD-9-CM To ICD-10-CM Conversion Tool

Vol.3 ICD-9-CM To ICD-10-PCS Conversion Tool

The U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services released General Equivalency Mappings (GEMS). We utilized the science of networks to quantify the proportion of ambiguities arising from abstruse CMS translations.

This analysis was performed with codes as nodes and translations as directional arrows and synthesized five translation pattern categories: one-to-one, class-to-subclass, subclass-to-class, convoluted and no translation. Four different views are possible:

  1. a network view showing all of the translations in a graphical format with the appropriate labels for the transitions; 
  2. an online table that will also input the value submitted with the codes for additional analysis in a tablular form with all of the translations associated with the ICD-X-CM codes of interest included;
  3. same table as in method two, but stored as a tab delaminated file; and 
  4. a list of ICD-X-CM codes of interst, submitted values, and Translation Category as a tab delimitate file.

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