Shravan Aras, PhD

Assistant Director, Sensor Analysis & Smart Health Platforms

Shravan Aras, PhD works with CB2 to help integrate wearable sensor technology and smart health platforms such as IoT devices into various clinical studies run across UAHS centers.

He graduated from the Department of Computer Science at University of Arizona in 2018. Dr. Aras' research areas span across energy optimization for sensors, clinical imaging using machine learning techniques, graded authentication based on biometrics and biomedical algorithms for cardiovascular systems. He is also instrumental in pushing the Low Code - No Code initiative, giving clinicians, and non-technical personnel the tools to develop sensor-based applications for distributed clinical data collection. In the past Dr. Aras has also worked on and managed teams for Pico-Satellite projects, and several nationwide mobile applications including HIPAA compliant clinical applications. His several years of experience in startups along with his academic background has prepared him to balance various commercialization aspects along with research goals. His motto is to reduce the initial inertia for adopting sensor based mobile technologies in distributed at-home clinical studies, thus giving physicians, residents, and research personnel the tools needed to focus on their goals rather than the underlying computational technology.