With the deployment of the Banner Health Discover clinical research data discovery tool, the desire for CB2 to curate the requests and returned data on behalf of the UA researchers has become clear. The clinical data expertise in CB2 will be leveraged to assist researchers with their queries, either by writing or validating, and ensure the quality of the returned data as illustrated in Figure 1 and 2. Working closely with the Banner Health Honest Brokers (BHHB), CB2 can help expedite the data requests using Discover.

Figure 1 - Discover Workflow

Figure 2 - CB2 Workflow


Requests for data through the Research Intake Application (RIA), upon approval, flow to Banner Health at Project Intake, figure 3, in BHHB team tracker with notification to CB2. A new record will be created in REDCap to track the request. CB2 is going to be given read access to this tracker and will pickup requests when they reach the To Do stage (notification is TBD). At that point CB2 will coordinate with the researcher to validate or create a Discover cohort to be shared with the BHHB team. By providing the cohort pre-built, the request will require much less effort on the BHHB team’s part.

CB2 will then pick up the request again once it completes the Legal Review the data set will be delivered to the CB2 team for QA/QC. CB2 will review the data for completeness and accuracy and will coordinate with the BHHB to correct any omissions or quality issues.

Figure 3 - Banner Workflow Tracker


When the data has been verified to be complete, the data will be delivered by CB2 to the researcher using the Soteria platform (figure 4). The Soteria platform will provide secure network perimeter, private cloud, and HPC. It also includes RStudio Connect, CyVerse Health, XNAT, REDCap, and Atlas tools for data analysis. For more information about Soteria go to

Figure 4 - Soteria