Custom Software & Portals

When existing tools and services do not necessarily meet a researcher's specific needs, CB2 offers custom software development services at cost.  Our staff of experienced programmers and software developers can build special purpose applications for a wide variety of customers. Below highlights applications built by CB2: offers a new vision for helping those living with, treating and/or researching SCN8A, facilitating a research registry, facilitating communication among families, physicians and scientists.

The site serves as:

  • A registry for SCN8A families
  • An up-to-date compilation of genetic variations in the SCN8A gene that alter the expression or function of Nav1.6.
  • An up-to-date compilation of the phenotypes associated with each patient and each mutation in the SCN8A gene.
  • Information on current and new medications
  • A social network for parents and families suffering from SCN8A epilepsy
  • A professional network for doctors treating patients with SCN8A epilepsy
  • A list of publications of the relevant scientific literature
  • Relevant media links and stories of the people and science surrounding SCN8A research