Clinical Data Warehouse

The Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) is the UAHS’s centralized, standardized, integrated repository of data extracted from numerous source systems including HIPAA-compliant electronic health record (EHR) information from the Banner University Medical Center - Tucson.

Requests for data can be made using the submittal form at the link below. To access the data request form, you must login using your UANetID.
» Submit Data Requests

Once submited, your request will be put into a queue for processing and a member of the CDW team will contact you to review your request.

Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) FAQs

What are the data points available in the CDW?

Because the warehouse does contain all the information from EPIC, providing an exhaustive list is not feasible, however the main subject areas include: Demographics, Encounters, Labs, Medications (since EPIC launch), Diagnoses (ICD-9), Procedures (CPT and ICD-9) and Allergy Information (since EPIC launch).

What types of requests can be made?

The UAHS Clinical Data Warehouse team will process requests for data that are not considered part of clinical operations that include the following:

Process Improvement
This is not considered research, but if you have an idea that can improve cost/quality of patient care, you can request data to validate your hypothesis/idea.

Preparatory for Research
This type of request is used to assess the feasibility of a proposed study. They frequently take the form of the counts of patients matching certain characteristics to test for statistical significance.

For de-identified requests, all elements of PHI are removed and dates are shifted. The crosswalk between the anonymous identifier and the patient identifier is not maintained, so these are one-time extracts with no potential for future updates.

Coded Data Set
This request type is similar to the de-identified request except that the UAHS Clinical Data Warehouse team maintains the crosswalk between the anonymous patient identifier and the patient identifier. The crosswalk is never given to the investigator or anyone outside of the UAHS Clinical Data Warehousing team. With this type of request there is the potential to received updated data sets.

Limited Data Set
With this request type, actual dates and zip codes can be received, but no patient identifiers are disclosed. This requires signing a data use agreement with the HIPAA Privacy Office that oversees the disclosure of these data sets.

Identified Data Set
IRB approval must be obtained for this type of data set and the investigator must demonstrate a need to have patient identifiers. Also, you may submit an IRB protocol and obtain informed consent from patients to be able to access their data. This type of request can contain identifying patient information.

How long does it take to complete a data request?

Due to subtle nuances in most data requests, it can take 4–8 weeks to complete a request from start to finish. This includes merit review (if not funded), meeting with AHSC Clinical and Data Warehouse staff to review your request and to review and modify the request based on preliminary data provided by UAHS Clinical Data Warehouse staff. Please plan accordingly for data required in support of grants and publications.

What does it cost to get data?

The hourly rate for completion of a data request is $75 for UAHS-affiliated faculty members. After submitting your request, a member of the UAHS Clinical Data Warehouse staff will meet with you to review your request and provide an estimate of the number of hours required to complete your project.

If funding is not available, you may still submit a request for data, but it will be reviewed by a committee for scientific merit and/or contribution to overall research data warehouse capabilities/capacity.

If I have questions about the Clinical Data Warehouse, how can I get them answered?

Please send an email to: with your questions or to request an appointment with one of the UAHS Clinical Data Warehouse staff. The first hour of consultation is free of charge.